Bozzlife: Dream's End and a #wednesdaywalk

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Although @tattoodjay has been taking a bit of a well deserved break from Hive/Steem, I haven't done a #wednesdaywalk post in a while, so I felt it was time to change that.

On most days, my wife and I have been getting up around 5:30 in the morning and heading down to our local park with Jovi to get a two to three mile walk in. Today was an exception because of the extreme heat and humidity.

The days we do walk, we are up early enough that we usually get a pretty decent view of the sunrise as you can see above.


This photo was taken from just about the same spot but on a different day. The park has a large number of paved trails and you can take any number of routes through the course of your walk. Some people just stick to the large outer loop around the perimeter while my wife and I do more of a ladder pattern up and down all of the connectors.


On this day the sun was to the left of us and just as I was getting ready to pull out my phone to snap this picture my wife said "you should get a picture of the moon". You know what they say about great minds...


I know there is a shadow contest on the blockchain. I think it is run by @melinda010100. I am not sure if it only runs on certain days though. If it doesn't, consider this my entry in to the contest. I took this on the same day I took the photo of the moon. This was close to the end of our walk so if you look really closely you can see the shadow of Jovi with her tongue hanging out, she was about spent!


We have a cold front coming through today so after some dicey weather, I think we are going to be set up for a pretty fantastic weekend. No doubt we will be spending a good deal of time on our deck enjoying this view.

Sitting on our deck and looking deep into the woods is what leads me to the "dreams end" portion of my post.

I saw this news story the other day and my heart kind of sank. I have been interested in the Forrest Fenn treasure ever since I first learned about it.

I could totally see prolific author @ericvancewalton cashing out a bit of his crypto one day and doing the same thing as Forrest! Additionally, in another life, I could see myself being one of the brave/crazy adventurers heading off into the Rocky Mountains to look for the treasure.

The fact that it has been found makes me a little sad. The idea that it was always out there an no one could find it made it extra cool. There was an aura of mystery about the whole thing. Was it real? Was it just a hoax? Who is going to find it? What is inside of it? Now all of those questions have been answered and the magic is gone.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of the loss of life that happened due to this treasure, but the fact is life in general is a risk (especially these days).

I think we all should be a little less afraid to chase after those dreams.

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