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The original intent of the #eatingthroughcovid tag was to get people posting about the things they were whipping up at home in the midst of the social distancing trend. I know @mrsbozz and I have been eating out far less than we used to due to most restaurants being closed down.

Now that things are starting to open up, I am not sure how well this tag will fit anymore. Sure Covid-19 is out there and still very relevant, but since this series didn't gain as much traction as I had hoped, this may be one of my last posts with the #eatingthroughcovid tag.


This was a pretty fantastic meal if I do say so myself. Asparagus and then buffalo chicken pizza rolls. Basically, you roll the pizza dough out like you normally would, but then you fill the inside with shredded chicken tossed in buffalo sauce along with cheese, and green onions. Then you roll the whole thing up like a cinnamon roll, cut it up and put the rolls into a cupcake tin. After about twenty minutes in the oven you have this tasty concoction.


Another evening we went the simple route and did BLT sandwiches. I love a good bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich and this one was no exception. I used to always get them without the tomato when I was a kid, but now I have come to enjoy all of the flavors.


Next to it we had some roasted radishes. My wife doesn't really care for radishes, but prepared this way it took a lot of the bite out of them. She could see using them as a substitute for something like potatoes in the future. It could be a good low carb swap out.


Finally, the last prepared meal I am going to share with you had us eating a nice caprese' salad with some chicken in it.


It might seem weird, but we paired the fresh salad with some homemade egg rolls. These were Thai inspired and had peppers, green onions, chicken and a sriracha peanut sauce. It is amazing how crispy the air fryer can get them...


Finally, this weekend we went down to Ohio to see my nieces play softball. Saturday was a really long day on the fields so we needed to eat out for some sustenance later that evening. This Mexican place is one of the only joints we could find that had outdoor seating. Even though things are opening up, we are all still pretty cautious about confined spaces etc...


I only got three of our meals because we were all seated at different tables. It was a very weird setup, but the food was pretty excellent.

@mrsbozz got this chicken fajita quesadilla though she said the fresh avocado salad in the lower right corner of the screen probably would have been enough for her.


My father in law got this fantastic dish. It was basically a steak fajita burrito with cheese sauce and chorizo on top. I had a couple of bites of the chorizo and it was pretty amazing.


This is what I got. It was supposed to be a burrito with steak, chicken, el pastor, and chorizo in it, but I think they left out the last two items. It was still fantastic and I didn't have any complaints. If I were to eat here again, I would probably get the same dish my father in law got.


Finally, I always like to end these posts by sharing a picture of what bottle I might be enjoying. Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon is one of my favorite low price whiskeys. At $28 USD this is a relatively cheap bottle of bourbon while still maintaining a good level of quality. I would consider it a hidden gem among the shelves of my local liquor store.

So there you have it, another week of great food! If you want to share something you have been noshing on during the stay at home order feel free to leave a comment. Better yet, write your own post using the #eatingthroughcovid tag!

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