Bozzlife: #whoareyoulisetningto? Back to work edition

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It was only a matter of time before this would happen... I was finally called back in to work, so that means no more sitting in my home office and spinning records during my work time. Before the call came in, I was able to get one more listening session in.


First on the agenda was this gem of a record I picked up from A-Ha. I couldn't tell you where I got this one. I might have bought it on eBay, but more likely I picked it up from an old second hand store that I used to visit quite frequently about an hour South of where I live.

There is a good chance the place doesn't exist anymore, but I still have this record and it is a really great listen. If you only know A-Ha from their hit "Take on Me" this is a really great album to introduce you to some of their other stuff.


Somehow I have ended up with a lot of show tune records in my collection. I am honestly not sure where most of them came from. I can remember purchasing the London cast recording of Phantom of the Opera, but how I came to get "My Fair Lady", "South Pacific", and the album shown above are anyone's guess.

I am not really familiar with "Anything Goes" besides the leading lady singing the song at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I didn't read this album very closely and I was caught off guard to find this is actually just Dave Brubeck doing instrumental covers of the songs.

It was still a great listen if you are in the mood for some classic Jazz.


This one was actually a pleasant surprise when I put in on the record player. I had just been thinking the day or two before spinning this record that I needed to get some stuff by Breathe. The song "Hands to Heaven" is a classic from the 80's and it has some phenomenal vocals.

Imagine my surprise to find out that I already owned a Breathe album! This record is a great listen, I say that about them all though don't I?

Back in my office I am pretty much locked into digital music for my listening. I have a subscription to Spotify and I keep that playing pretty much the whole time I am in my office unless I get a phone call or someone stops in.

Lady Gaga has a new album out, so I wanted to give it a listen because I am a pretty big fan of hers. I know she is a bit crazy, but I think she is really talented and if you don't care for her techno style stuff, you should really check out her work in "A Star is Born" or the duet album she did with Tony Bennett. She really is quite talented.

Many people have made the comparison in the past between Gaga and Madonna. I think that is very prominent on her current album. Check out the video I linked above and then give Madonna's Vogue a listen...

It's almost amazing a lawsuit hasn't been filed yet...

I still like both their stuff and I feel their respective antics don't do justice to the phenomenal talent they both have. Strip away all the production and over the top showmanship and they both have really pure amazing voices.

That's all I have for this week. I am not sure how many more of these I will keep doing. It was fun when I could spin the records. I am afraid you guys will find it boring if I am just listening to stuff on Spotify.

Feel free to share what you have been listening to during the stay at home order in the comments! Better yet, write your own post and use the #whoareyoulisteningto tag!

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