Fruits and veggies Monday Vegan Picnic

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This is #fruitsandveggiesmonday thanks to the wonderful and talented vegan food guru @lenasveganliving.

Yesterday we woke up late. We had some insomnia and couldn't sleep until morning. Needless to say we had a bit of an appetite by noon.

Mother in law was sitting outside having coffee and father in law was with the dog at the dog park. Perfect chance to make some lunch.

We dashed into the kitchen and starting prepping. When it was almost done, mother in law came in from outside and started kitchen projects that didn't involve making food. Shortly after father in law came home and now the kitchen had four of us and a big dog in our way. The folks were grumpy suddenly and in was over. We put our stuff away in the fridge, got dressed and went outside for a picnic. Marc didn't know what we could do but I assured him it would be fine. I quickly packed up some plastic plates, a chopping board, two forks and a knife.

Off we went to a little supermarket by the railway tracks where there is no fuss. Just a hand sanitizer and that's it. Nobody manning the door with police like attitude.

We just through random fruits, veggies, bread, hummus, and of course some hot sauce, which was not that hot but it did the job.

There is a little park nearby with plenty of space to spread out our picnic.

This was a fair bit of food but the day was nice and perfect. It was not too hot and not cool at all.


One thing we can always count on in hummus for a picnic. It can be found everywhere, although ideally I would prefer to make my own. Under the circumstances it was impossible.


We got some olives which we didn't consume many of but I like to have a few when eating like this.


I had a lime and used it to squeeze on the avocado and the other veggies.


To make it a little Mexican we put some hot sauce on it as well. Usually we use many spices herbs and sauces but in this case we appreciated the simplicity and enjoyed just eating slowly throughout the day.


I was fortunate to get a mango that was not expensive and super sweet and juicy. It must be mango season somewhere.




Could we eat all of the things that we had on the plates?


For around three hours we kept picking at everything. The fruits were mostly eaten first.


Unfortunately the fruits were all imported. I haven't seen any local fruit at all yet.


We moved on to making some open faced sandwiches and dipping vegetables.



The cloth that I brought with me to put on the grass, was a sarong that I bought in Bali this winter. It is a little reminder of perhaps the last time we may travel. I hope I'm wrong.



It was a feast with plenty uncut items to bring home. But we weren't done until we had desert.

The bananas were slit with dates and I happened to have some peanuts in my bag so we had a banana split but not the traditional kind.

We didn't even count on desert when we bought everything. We hardly ever eat deserts anyway, but in this case we were having a full on feast.


We are now making it a point to do this more often. It was peaceful and totally easy and enjoyable. No need to fuss. Just go to the store and load up and get to the park!

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