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I can't tell you how excited I was to open my steemit feed today and read a post tagged GEM. I checked out the community and i'm thrilled that it exists.
My third steemit anniversary coming up in a month and until the fork there hadn't been a day that had gone by in those 3 years where I hadn't posted, curated and engaged.

I love steemit. I always have. I didn't like how things went down but I have not sold a single steem ever! I want to believe thee is a future here and I think GEM is important for its stated intent of user retention.

User retention is the key to new users and growing the platform. We can forget about the past because platform growth has always been the key for getting steemit from Launch into Orbit.

Supporting active users now will give them the assets to support the new members they bring in and create a network with. This was always a burden for me because I used to bring social media influencers onto steemit and they received no engagement and my pennies were not enough to keep them interested.

So I look forward to participating in GEMS and curating here. I'm happy to have finally found something that makes me excited about steemit again.

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We can forget about the past ...

Sometimes my mind wonders how things may have been if Mr. Sun was welcomed instead of an attempted lock out.


Well he now has a huge opportunity to answer that for himself. Let's see where this thing goes.


Good point, though it did stir up the waters possibly setting things in different directions than a warm welcome would have.

Interaction is the hardest part of keeping users. It is so sad. I really hope we can get the momentum back and take Steem to a higher level!

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Hi @cflclosers nice that you get excited again for steemit and its potential. We all just do our part and support the new management bringing steem move forward. Steem On! :)