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Hi guys happy Sunday,even though we are on self isolation,I hope you guys were able to stream some services online,we just have to keep building our faith and trust that this would soon pass away.

This is my entry to @qurator's Monday DIY challenge you can find the link here.

Am choosing a DIY because I have something am doing by myself.

For Nigerians I think everyone knows what melon is,I don't know about non-nigerians,Melon is used as a thickner in soups.

We also have the special Nigerian soup made with vegetable (pumpkin or spinach)or some can use bitterleaf.

You can get your melon in the market but then the ones mostly sold are engine-peeled, which doesn't taste like the one peeled with hand.

This is how melon looks like

Most people don't usually have patience for using hand to peel because it could actually be time-consuming but then it's still the best,the taste in soup is great,so I decided to buy a paint of melon to peel by myself this quarantine period,so everyday I dedicate one hour to peeling a cup and it's been going well.

This is how it looks like when peeled

The good thing about it is that it doesn't spoil,all you need to do is to put it in an airtight container, once in a while you can also put it under the sun for an hour or two,those are the preservative measures.

So when you have melon in bulk,you shouldn't worry about how to preserve it,you can also grind it and put in an airtight container,so that it would be very easy for you to use when cooking.

Thanks for dropping by,I hope you learnt something.

P.s: photos taken by me

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