Oasi Valle della Caccia of Senerchia

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The Valle della Caccia oasis of Senerchia is a natural refuge where nature is preserved and welcomes the local fauna and flora, becoming a nature reserve. The territory has become a protected area and can be visited walking through the various nature trails that accompany tourists to the heart of the reserve.


The oasis is crossed by the Acquabianca stream that arises from the natural waterfall that is located upstream, at a height of about 1600 meters. In the waters of the stream there are trout, frog and freshwater fish. The reserve instead houses a rare local pine, called black pine.


There are many historic caves that you can visit in the company of a guide or independently. The most famous is the moss cave from which you can admire the clear and icy water coming down from the rocks. It is a very humid and particularly slippery area and you need to be careful not to slip.

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