Splinterlands Vs Farmville: Weekly Challenge

3개월 전

Do you love living in the fields and want to try to be good farmers? You can challenge yourself and your business skills with the Farmville 3 game, downloadable from PlayStore and AppleStore. The game consists of developing a small farm, producing products for sale, raising animals that will supply the raw materials to create products that can be sold on the market.

The game is fun and pleasant bike, nice and colorful graphics and very simple playability. It could be an inspiration for a new game to be developed on blockchain because it attracts many players and is also profitable for developers. In fact, by purchasing gems in FIAT, players can cut development time, buy new items and improve the sale of products on the market.

A fun game but spending money for fun is not always advisable especially if you are lucky enough to appreciate games like Splinterlands, in which investing money also produces a personal profit, not just fun.

Splinterlands is a really great card game where strategy, card power and a bit of luck are perfect ingredients for a unique game. The cards that can be purchased on the market or can be won in daily and seasonal missions, or in the packs that are purchased. Each card has a different value based on its power and rarity. Today I made purchases in the market, to enhance my deck of cards, investing my Steem and above all increasing my fun in the game!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

If you have not yet signed up for Splinterlands, I invite you to try. You can use my [referreal link] (https://steemmonsters.com?ref=claudio83)

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Farmville would be right up my alley... if it wasn't for Splinterlands offering me all the things!

Thanks for sharing!