The fall of health workers against Coronavirus

3개월 전

Doctors, health workers, nurses ... They are also among the victims of the Coronavirus, they who fought in the front line and who fell defeated by an invisible and treacherous enemy, helping those in difficulty, knowing the risks well. But those who have decided to do this job, even before Covid-19, know that it is a vocation. Helping others is their priority.


Unfortunately, the situation was aggravated by the impressive speed with which the enemy launched his attack, causing an overcrowding of the hospitals, trying to cure all the best possible. Unfortunately, the lack of tools for the defense of one's own health (masks, overalls) has facilitated the contagion among the doctors and health workers, the most exposed to the contagion.

In Italy over 80 doctors have died and thousands are health workers infected since the start of the pandemic. Now the situation seems to be slightly decreasing and the measures taken by the Italian government are starting to give the first positive results. The trend of new infections has settled around 2000 units, deaths are decreasing but above all new hospitalizations in intensive care decrease.

A positive sign. But the war is still long.

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