Corona Warriors - Brave Kids

6개월 전

We all are stuck in our homes and that too all-over the world. There is only a handful of country which are not affected of this coronavirus, and most of the countries are badly affected including India.

We all salute the Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff, Police and the other people are helping us to eradicate the virus as a whole. But I would like to salute those Brave kids which are not less than a Corona Warriors. Let's salute those little kids who are part of the journey to help us stop the coronavirus infection.

From the last 3 months, these kids are confined to their homes. The schools are closed along with all their playing activities, like going out cycling, playing with other kids in the lawn or park etc. Everything is stopped for them.


Let's think about those little ones who all used to run for playing games outside whenever they come home from school. These kids are staying home with us, and helping not only their families to fight with the virus but the whole country or even world.

Most importantly which out comolaining, yes there are kids who are getting frustrated staying at home but they are staying at home and doing all the activities they can do at home. Just like my niece who is 13 years old and started doing creative things like creating homes from Cardboard, making her own dolls and even started drawing. They started improving themselves by involving themselves in craft, drawing, dancing and even some of them started learning cooking.

These little ones are getting smarter day by day and they are able to understand the situation we are in. They are helping their parents doing the household stuff and they are happy that their families are giving more time to them. My 1.5 year daughter is happy that I am staying at home all the time.

Though their online games activity has gone up, but that is understandable, we have to give them recreational things to do which will not impact their mental strength. Though I am happy to see a lot of kids are started spending more times with their grand parents and started playing with them.

There is a saying that if there is any learning opportunities you should grab it, that is what these kids are doing these days. They are improving themselves and thus we all know if kids improves themselves the society will basically improve with them.

Yes, the lockdown is affecting all of us, but instead of crying about it lets learn from these kids yo utilize it for better things. Let's have patience and this time will pass too.

Let's stay at home, be happy, be creative and stay safe

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