Mountain Watching through the Coaker's Walk

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An Amazing Walk through Coaker's Walk


Coaker's walk is one of the famous tourist spots in Kodaikanal and people who visit Kodaikanal do visits there. I love Kodaikanal than any other Hill Stations, I don't know why but I love going there again and again. I visited Kodaikanal in the month of February and I think it is an ideal time to visit there because of climate suits for all ages. Since we had our daughter which was 1.5 years old, we did not want to go in winters.

The uniqueness of the Coaker's walk is all about walking with the clouds or walking through the clouds, so if it's a cloudy day then you would love to stay there for long. We were lucky to visit there when it was a little cloudy and thus we could see clouds moving with us.


You will find a lot of shops along the walkway, the one which I liked is selling handcrafted watches as well as paintings. Though there are shops selling beverages, snacks, water, cold drinks, corn, etc.


All along the walkway you will find benches where you can sit and relax. When we sat there our kid does not want to walk further because of the amazing scenery it provides.



History About Coaker's Walk

From the Wikipedia:

In 1872, Lt. Coaker cut a path along the steep southeast-facing ridge which commands a magnificent view of the plains below. The 1 km (.6 mi) path was named after him as Coaker's Walk. He is often remembered as "the man who prepared the most exceptional, the most descriptive map of Kodai".

In a clear sky you can see dolphin’s Nose, Pambar river valley, Periyakulam and the city of Madurai all through the Coaker's Walk.




The entry fee is nominal like 10-20 Rupees as well as they will charge Rs 50 extra for DSLR. There is also a telescope where if you want to see the valley, you can use it but it was not that great so we have just ignored it.

Traveller's Tip

Try to reach around 7:30-8 AM so that you can watch the clouds walking along with you. For us it was a cloudy day, so even if we have reached there around 10, we could see the clouds. Try to occupy the seats there for 30 minutes just to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Last but not least, my favorite Monochrome version with the cloud.


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