Sunday Special - Prepared Momo at Home - Food Phtography

7개월 전

So Sunday used to be a lazy day before but now every day seems like Sunday because you cannot go out of your home any day. But I do have to work from home so Saturday and Sunday I get time to do something other than work. So Sunday I chose to prepare Momo along with my Wife. I usually don't eat momo's outside but that doesn't prevent us to prepare it at home.


Momo is a type of dumpling, which is native to Nepal, Tibet, and neighboring regions. It's basically a wrapping made of flour with a filling inside vegetables. So we have filled the momo with vegetables which had cabbage, carrots, french beans, and onions.


We have fried all the chopped vegetables in the oil along with garlic, soy sauce, black pepper, and salt. For making the outer dough we have used Refined Flour and mixed it with salt and oil. Just like making chapati's we have to knead it to make a firm dough. Then we have made small ball out o the dough as shown below


Then we had rolled each dough ball into a thin circle and filled it with the stuffing prepared earlier. The shape can be anything, we have tried the below shape.


Then we have heat water in a big vessel and let it boil. Once boiled we have added steamer pan and placed the stuffed momo inside it and kept it there for 8-10 minutes. Do check the water at regular intervals, for us the water was very less and we had to pour more water into it.


We have also prepared tomato chili sauce so served hot steamed momo with the sauce.


So what you are preparing in the lockdown?

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