What has Lockdown taught You

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Recently my Company has started a thread to know from the employees that what ha current lockdown taught you. Our company is situated in India, so most people have given the perspective with respect to the lockdown in India. The lockdown in India has started on 24 March 2020 for 21 days then extending it to 19 days and then again for 14 days. So we are still in Lockdown which might get over on 17th May.

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I am saying might because if the cases do not come down, we might see an increase in lockdown days. Though in the 3rd lockdown which has started on 4th May, we have got a lot more relaxed than the previous two, like the liquor shop was closed for almost 40 days but it was opened yesterday for people.

So coming back to the point, a lot of employees have given the answers including me, I will just summarize those points in this post.

An employee has written that the lockdown taught him to keep himself engaged in Reading books which helped him upgrading his skills along with getting a lot of knowledge. The two books which he will recommend is

1-Five Dysfunctions of the Team
2-Total Money Makeover-Financial Planning.

Another employee has written that he is experiencing life skills, proactiveness, and Patience. He is also getting a deep insight into what our previous generation have enjoyed without all the buzz and hype like social media or smartphone. He also lists down some of the points which we all should follow in this lockdown

  1. Restrict Negativity & add positivity by learning new things.
  2. Ensure to connect with family members, friends & colleagues.
  3. Appreciate small things
  4. Respect Nature and Cherish the Silence
  5. Health is Wealth
  6. Curb indiscriminate Spending
  7. Have patience
  8. Indebted to people who put their lives at stake for others

Another employee has given a perspective about all the countries which are facing this pandemic by saying that we humans are very vulnerable where a microorganism has put everyone including the developed countries on their foot. A micro virus can jail us for weeks in our own home like prisoners. Great and powerful nations have bowed down and their ego has shattered instantly. These countries have invested millions or billions to protect their land and boundaries in arms and ammunition but never anticipated that the enemy can be a form of Lilliput which cannot be seen through the naked eyes which can bring the complete shutdown and cost millions or billions. Threat and death can come anytime are the realization so its high time to be humble and be grounded till we inhale our last breath.

He also lists down the positivity caused by the lockdown and they are

  1. Rivers which were polluted have purified themselves
  2. Air which was polluted have become cleaner
  3. The ozone layer is said to be healing itself.
  4. All religious places are at peace from humans.
  5. Humans are trapped and animals are free-roaming outside.
  6. Marriages that had become an event to show off prosperity have very few audiences now.
  7. All luxury has come to a dead-end and Real necessity has taken the extra mile.
  8. Work is happening from home without "Power dressing" where we all were mimicking west and had believed its the success mantra.
  9. A simple cough, sneeze, and fever will threaten us of CORONA every moment in the days to come.

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The points made by other employees are like :

  1. Lockdown taught me to understand the value of doctors, other healthcare officials, police, and emergency workers.
  2. Lockdown taught me I can survive 50 days without going to any Restaurant, Malls to have food ( It is achievable) and finally I found who takes a major chunk of my credit card bill.
  3. My family expense to lead a healthy life is less than 120$ remaining whatever I spent to date is luxury.
  4. Lockdown taught me to respect the value of savings. I come from a middle-class family now this lockdown makes me understand the importance of a single penny.
  5. Lockdown taught me to spend time with my parents and other family members which is almost an impossible task during normal life.
  6. How fragile our healthcare system is and how much we have to prepare in case of an attack from an invisible enemy.
  7. How underprepared our nation for a pandemic attack and how important is to prepare our system with healthcare infrastructure, medicine, and pharma equipment.
  8. How important it is to be healthy and fit not just physically but also mentally!
  9. It is possible to be at home and work efficiently with our global counterparts.
  10. Last but not the least, Lockdown gave us a glimpse of our life post-retirement!!
  11. . Reinvent your childhood dreams which you might have forgotten on your way to building a better career and a better lifestyle. Slow down and find yourself again
  12. Learn to be calm amid chaos
  13. When you can’t control the situation, control your emotion, and learn to be patient and wait. Surely something positive will come out of it. Just wait and Watch
  14. There is nothing wrong in being considerate and sensitive about your fellow beings need and well being
  15. Put a Control over your greediness, let others also live in Peace, or in other words be aware that there are others also living in this world with whom we need to share the land, air, water, and other basic necessities

What Lockdown taught you?

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