What is your True Power

7개월 전

I have been thinking about it recently, that what is our true power as an individual being. I thought people think that Money, Connections, Knowledge, Wisdom, or Intelligence is their true power, but though they are the power to the individuals basically there are potential energies which a human being acquire in their lifetime.


A lot of people have these energies and it depends on person to person. Not everyone has a lot of everything but everyone has something and its divided between Money, Connections, Knowledge, Wisdom, or Intelligence. People will have some money saved up, have some knowledge and experience which is gained over the years as well as some intelligence. I am saying some because its hard to find people who have an abundance of everything. There might be some people, but very few if we compare them with the masses.

But the question is what is powerful among these all, shouldn't get surprised if I say that none of the above are powerful. If you do not want to use any of them, they will not come to you and say that use me i.e. they are not useful until you use it.

The true power for any individual is the power of Getting Started, i.e. taking Initiative. Everyone would have left Steem if the community wouldn't have started HIVE. Thus starting HIVE is the most powerful thing similarly as an individual starting something is the most powerful thing can happen. There might be a lot of people who might be having more money or resources, they might be more skilled but one thing which can differentiate between you and others is to start something new. Successful people always keep starting something new, they go from Zero to One and then One to 100.


When HIVE was started we were just 0, where the price was around $0.8, after a month we have moved more than $0.80, thus if we wouldn't have started we wouldn't have been son successful then we are now. We are getting som much attention in the crypto world even though we don't have any prominent names which are leading us because we believe that as a community we can be better and thus started.

Have anyone thought of price reaching $0.80 in such as short time? Now because successful people just start and they don't think of too far. They live in a present and try to be better every day. As an Individual, like me are always lazy and thus have a resistance to start something new. There might be hundreds of reasons we tell to ourselves before starting, i.e. If I do it I will do it perfectly, this will not be successful or there might be someone doing it who will do it better than me, etc and thus we don't get started.

There are also people (like me) who just delay the execution of the ideas and thus the execution never happens. I always wanted to build Stack Overflow on Steem and started working on it but the enthusiasm died of basically because even though I have started I have not able to keep the momentum going. This is again a problem if you start something to try to complete it to the alpha phase at least. That's the reason I am not successful because successful people have learned to get started and get the momentum going even though they face many obstacles in between.

Say, for example, you have an idea to write a book. Open a doc and start writing and don't wait for the perfect time or to write everything at once. Try to write the first 4 chapters which will take 10-15 minutes. Then you should continue it every day and in no time you have the initial copy of the book ready.

Along with the Getting Started, we need to uphold the commitments we made to yourself, it's very easy to make commitments but it's hard to keep up with the commitments. When a friend of yours break commitments a lot of time then the relationship becomes sour, similarly, if we break the commitments made to ourself then we will blame yourself and you will feel bad about yourself. This shouldn't happen, to be successful you need to feel great all the time.

It is you who will be benefited from the commitments. You will be happy all the time, you will love yourself. You can count on you, saying if no one is there for you, You will be always with You. That is you are the best person in your life. So if you start something, be committed and then love yourself.

So, you have to get started Now and keep the commitment that you will continue it until it gets finished.

So get started.

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