Annuals That Wintered to Become Spring Flowers!

23일 전

We have a couple of small patches of wildflowers in our vegetable garden.

Normally, they die back in winter but this past winter was unusually mild so many of them survived.


That means we now have a large group of quite mature flowering plants, already now in mid-April.


This will be the first year we have not had to add new wildflower seeds to the area.

It'll be interesting to see what else sprouts our of the greenery from below. Part of the fun of gardening is that you don't always get to plan precisely what you're going to get.

Nature often has her own plans, and we only get to be spectators as that plan unfolds.

Anyway, these photos were taken just yesterday, on a lovely sunny and warm spring day, while we were just starting on planting some of our vegetable patch.

I hope they keep going into fall and early winter, like they did last year!


Thanks for having a look, and I hope you also have flowers in your life!

(All photos are my own; a couple of them are modified versions of photos I also posted on my Facebook wall)

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