The fast, flexible and drilling Javelin Throwers ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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The Javelin Throwers are an especially savage small tribe of female warriors who live in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. Well known for wearing suits made from the skins of reptiles they kill, these wild women are rarely seen in any settlement or city.
The Javelin Throwers have come from the deepest grasslands of Primordia to represent with great force, claw and speed those female warriors within the Earth Kingdom; at the same time they belong to the distinguished group Reward Edition ... prepare to fear these warriors who know how to balance between speed and piercing force.

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A little more than a day has passed after the end of season 9 in 2020, I stayed in the Diamond League I and once the season ended I was dropped to the Gold League I; At this time, battles become quite competitive due to the short time that the new season takes and it is also quite common to get combinations of up to two rules for the battle. Aim True() & Lost Legendaries() with 36 Mana available for summons; are the rules that have been combined for this battle. The only negative side of these rules is the cancellation of the use of legendary monsters, the rest remains almost standard and with possibilities for any strategy we have in mind.


With the Aim True rule my melee and ranged attack monsters will not fail, therefore I will use Daria Dragonscale as my summon and take advantage of the +1 boost it grants my melee attack monsters.
In the first position and in charge of protecting the front line from all frontal attacks from the enemy ... I will place Flesh Golem; who with his ability to regenerate himself, his high vitality and great attack, shows a complete balance between defense-attack
... in addition, without forgetting that his attack strength will be increased thanks to the +1 of my summoner. In the second position, Earth Elemental anger, this monster will not fail to attack either, and with its ability to regenerate itself, it will be able to fight any crossfire coming from the enemy ... that monster will also be able to balance between defense-attack.

For positions 3 and 4, I will use my sentinel team; those who with their opportunistic ability will be able to hunt the most vulnerable prey, will not be able to fail thanks to the Aim True rule and their attack will be increasing by +1 for my summoner ... thus turning them into true silent assassins. Screeching Vulture and Parasitic Growth will be the ones to make up this team and to be at the center of my attack strategy.
In the fifth position I will use Wood Nymph; It doesn't have a great attack or a lot of vitality, but with its healing ability an ally, she can contribute a lot to the defense of the team.
In the last position will be Javelin Thrower; this girl with her super speed and flexibility will be able to dodge many attacks, which also with her dodging ability will be able to evade much more easily, she will be the one who protects the team from any rear attack ... with her respectable puncher attack and also that she will not fail, You can contribute a lot to the offensive team.


In the strategy that I have used, it has been possible to consolidate a great team that knew how to perfectly defend itself from the enemy and at the same time hit very hard, with surprise attacks and others ... my defense was so compromised, that there was no loss in my equipment.



Kingdom Used
Melee Attack Monsters
Ranged Attack Monsters
Magical Attack Monsters
Monsters Without Attack
Total Casualties
The Greater Annihilator
Parasitic Growth
The Most Valuable of the Battle
Flesh Golem
Coup of Grace
Javelin Thrower


Like the Amazon women, the Javelin Thrower are a small isolated tribe from female warriors ... within this tribe speed and puncture attacks reign, they are so fast that you do not ever see them come and you do not even notice when they pierce your chest with their spears; do not try to hide, much less run.

Share your weekly battle challenge! It is a very entertaining dynamic created by @steemmonsters and @splinterlands [#spt] (click here for more information) and this week's star monster is Javelin Thrower ... this is a monster locating within the Earth Kingdom and emerge from the great plains and high grasslands of Primordia, with its ability to dodge become a great defense support, with its strong piercing attack it gives a lot of response fire to our offensive strategy and there is no shield to stop it, therefore there is always I have to keep this monster in mind when putting together our strategies ... personally, I use this card very often and even more so in battles like the one I share with you today.


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