Two ribbons


Two ribbons

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two ribbons

one ribbon of emerald lace:
a surge of verdant moss.
one livid, unliving crimson
to bound rock face, emboss

one ribbon of evident glee,
by harsher colours' glow
spreading tendrils of chaos bright
contrasting rigid stone.

one ribbon of devious hate,
uneven-coated, fey,
spreading garish over the slate:
warm-hued by night and day.

two ribbons of soul juxtaposed,
entwined where boundaries fail
elated, by nothing enclosed
save universal veil.

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I had planned to post this yesterday night; I've been doing my best to hit my goal of posting twice daily recently. Alas, it is sometimes preferable to relax one's standards, succumb to sleep, and rest to "fill the creative well." Writing poetry, particularly verse, can be near-impossible with flagging energy. It's true that to a degree, the creative process is a sort of channeling experience in which thought is unnecessary, but to remain perpetually in that state can be a bit precarious.

In my experience, creative goals are important to set, despite some of the downsides of aiming at being prolific, including potential creative burnout and overwhelm. One of the benefits of being something of a generalist (or at least having a broad distribution of creative outlets within one's chosen field) is that crosstraining can be utilized to keep one in motion while resting other skills' practice.

At the moment, my creative focus is verging on being stretched too thin, so posting on HIVE functions as a sort of clarifying nexus where I can document whatever is brought into greatest relief by the inexplicable magnifying glass of consciousness. It also limits my activities to what is practically possible to complete on a daily basis, which is helpful for a personality that tends to take things a bit too far, at times.

If one is exploring many avenues of creativity simultaneously, it's vital to be content with small gains — the "little" breakthroughs end up being very significant in the long-term if one is devoted to growth. Above all, my focus has to be maintaining peace of mind; to the extent that I can cooperate with the rhythms of life I will remain fulfilled. Achieving that fulfillment is the greatest gift I can offer myself and others, as we all subconsciously are transformed by each other's states of consciousness.

Be well,


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This post is original content created by @d-pend
to be published on-chain on April 11, 2020.
Photos taken using iPhone 8+

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