Do not kill your ambition, you can achieve it. Work!


The word fulfilling is a state in which someone is gladdened for making an impact or getting to an expected end. Future is a time yet to come. A dream is also an expectation, a wish or desire which always takes place in one’s mind.

In respect to this topic, it is an imagination of the future and thoughts of getting your dreams accomplished according to your expectation.

I expect everyone with a stable and reasonable mindset to have desires and goals in life. As a result, one needs to plan, and set goals in which it can be achieved. I remember as a kid when I am asked what is my future ambition is, I will say I want to be a doctor.

In the early stage of life, growing teens will always have a wish, and dream of the future. What they want to become in the career and profession aspect, but the truth is beyond that. Everyone always desires a glorious future, and wish to accomplish it, but most times we need to draw lines, make achievable plans, pursue it with great determination and zeal.

In life so far, I have discovered that the scripture in the bible that says “evil communication corrupts good manners” is real. Another says, the companion of fools shall be destroyed, but the companion of the wise shall be wise.

Improve your attitude, dump the trash


The dreams of life one expects to become a reality should, and must, be guided with great caution. At this point, attitude is very important. It is your behaviour, mindset and self will. Is not what you wish to do, but what you have to do.

Note: expecting to become a doctor or lawyer or any profession, you must lookout for the attributes that will make it achievable.

Get A Mentor


First, look out for a mentor who has already been through it and let him or her guide you. There is a saying that experience is the best teacher.

Get related books that will guide and build you in that profession you’re dreaming to fulfil.

Visit places that are related to the and learn both visually and otherwise. Ask questions in areas you are not cleared, watch related videos in a form of visual learning. Make corrections where there are mistakes, and that will make a wonderful impact on your fulfilling future dreams.

Past thought

I remember a friend when we were in primary school, she had the dream of becoming a nurse, of which the background subjects are science-based but as she grew older, she could not cope with the related subjects, as a result, she dropped.

Base on that experience, I advise that people should anticipate for dreams that have an inner conviction, that the zeal in them will be able to drive them to its accomplishment.

It is good also, that one should learn to try, go extra rules, take a positive risk, no venture, no gain. You never know what you can do until trying it.

It is still important to discover the seed of glory inside of you it makes for maximum productivity and excellence.

Always give all you have to your dreams. Successful people are those who give everything, and extra efforts and go beyond what others do.


Create inspired imagination in you that will drive your goals.
Refuse, rejects discouragement and depression, it drives to fail. Build the right attitude that will move you forward. Good attitudes draw favour and easier to accomplish.

Decide to succeed no matter the obstacle that may appear on your way to the top. The cemetery is the richest bank of great virtues and destinies unfulfilled. Approach success with the right mindset. If you will work some years like others won’t, then one day you’ll live like others can’t. Learn and fulfil future dreams.

Thank you for your time!

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