Affordable Delicious Indonesian Dinner plus Ramadhan Dessert

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share our yesterday dinner experience. As an information yesterday was the first day of fasting month for our Moslem friends, although my mom and mom didn't fast but we also enjoyed their takjil (ramadhan dessert) yesterday. I ordered the dessert earlier than our dinner, the traffic jams were everywhere yesterday, even when i went home. I had ordered the dessert before i went home, i shared one of it with our security.

Here was the price of 4 of the desserts plus a krupuk (chip). It was on promotion so luckily, each glass was around 5k IDR or just 0.34 USD.


While the dinner, i ordered after i arrived home, i also got a promotion (Yeay!) so i ordered the dinner in a famous legendary restaurant (served since 1969) and only paid 44,300 IDR for two persons, so it was just 3.03 USD for two.


Here was our dinner



It was Gudeg Krecek with Rice. Gudeg was made from jackfruit. It was soft and had sweet flavour. While krecek was made from cow's skin. It was soooo tasty, savory and a bit sweet plus a bit spicy. And good thing was they put the spicy sambal (chilli paste) on the top. Remember mom also bought a krupuk to complete the flavour. It was crunchy, sweet and savory. Delicious dinner!

While for the dessert


This was Fruit iced. It had some kind of fruits plus stroop and ice. It was not too sweet and had a weird smell, so this wasn't our recommendation.

Now let's meet the authentic Ramadhan Dessert




It made from banana, sweet potato and sugar palm fruit in the sweet palm sugar coconut milk . It wasn't too sweet, but i like it. Banana and sweet potato was tasty but some of sugar palm fruits were a bit hard to bite so i left some uneaten.

So if you calculate our dinner plus dessert (after discount)
1 fruit iced, 2 kolak and 1 krupuk 17,500 IDR plus
2 gudeg krecek with rice 44,300 IDR. So it was 61,800 IDR or around 4.23 USD for two persons. Really affordable!

Want to buy our dinner plus ramadhan desserts too?

Business information

Where i bought the dinner: Adem Ayem Restaurant located on A.M Sangaji Street, Central Jakarta

Where i bought the dessert: Gado-gado Cemara located on Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

Good thing is all you could find in the transportation app!

Happy tummy, happy day friends!

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