Modest dinner at home



Hello, friends especially foodies!

Thursday afternoon after arrived home from work, I ordered our dinner and also dessert to be delivered to home. Like I always say, don’t go out, doesn’t mean we can’t eat many different dished. Right?
On 5 pm something I ordered our dinner and also dessert. I used two different online application to order. For the dinner we paid 50,900 IDR cause I got some discount, and for the dessert it was 22,500 IDR (I changed some coins which I got from other purchasement which was 5,000 IDR so that’s why you saw the 17,500 IDR under the screenshot I show you below). So for all the food order altogether, I only paid 73,400 IDR or around 5 USD for all, affordable price, but we should check the taste too.

The Price



Then almost at the same time the food orders came. And here was the dinner

The Food


These were the dessert

The Dessert


The Taste


Our dinner actually modest, it was only chicken soto with egg. We ate it with rice and also perkedel (fried potato cake). The taste of soto was savory, we added the lime press and sweet soy sauce to bring fresh sour and sweet flavor. Beside sliced chicken, this soto also had soun (rice noodle), potato crips, and boiled egg. The soup of the soto was tasty and authentically fresh. We also order their perkedel (fried potato cake) which was beyond our expectation, it was savory and tasty, the potato that they used was so perfect in texture. It was the best we ever had!!!


And the dessert we had were fruit salad. It had sliced fruits, jelly with mayonnaise dressing. It had sweet savory tasty flavour with cheese on its’ top. Fresh dessert, wasn’t it?

Hope you love it. See you again on my next article!

Business Information

Soto Ayam Kampung Khas Surabaya

458th, Tanjung Duren Utara IV - West Jakarta

Open daily Mon-Thu 10-22, Friday 9-22

Homemade Salad Buah Erlangga

10th,Tamansari VII - West Jakarta

Open daily 05:30-22

Both could be ordered in online application

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