Moony Bunny - easy draw & colour how to



Hello, friends!
This time i draw a bunny who is hanging on the moon and look she is holding some stars on her hands. So cute yet easy to draw.

Materials and things needed:
a 2B pencil
a black marker
an eraser
a piece of A5 sketch paper
colour pencils

How to make it was so easy, first you need to make the two long ears and the head. Then face with a bow on the head top. Draw two hands below it and also the crescent moon.


Then draw two stars on the strings, then finished the body with two legs and a tail. After finish, bold all with the marker.


Finished bolding all, erase the pencil sketch then colour it. I made the polkadots for the bow and i also made the gradation of bolder colour near the line, and inside was soft colour. For the bunny i used two kind of grey colours also pink. I show you how i coloured it all. And last, i add the navy blue for the night sky.



Hope you enjoy it.
Happy drawing and also colouring!

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