Morning Exercise - easy draw & colour how to



Hello, friends!
Today i finished a sloth. This is my first drawing of sloth. And it is about its' morning routine, exercise. So cute and easy to draw, you must copy it.

Material & things needed:
a piece of A5 sketch paper
a 2B mechanic pencil
an eraser
a 0.2 drawing pen
36 colour pencils (deli colorun)
staedtler luna watercolor pencils

How to draw & colour it:
First, i started from the head and face then two hands, two wooden sticks where it was hanging on. Then last, complete with two legs. Don't forget that its' nails were long.


After finished, bold it with the drawing pen. Then, erase the pencil sketch. Last, colour it with the colour pencil. I used black, two kind of brown and grey for the body. I also erased the thick black colour to make it softer. You could copy how i made it but you also could draw it your style.



Happy drawing & colouring!

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