Soto Battle: Chicken vs Beef, who won?



Hello, friends especially foodies!

Today i would like to compare two kind of soto we had recently. One we had last week while the other was our Wednesday's night dinner. I would like to compare and battle all aspects here, from looks, price until their taste.. So just check it out.

From the price, luckily i got promotion off discount for both. So i paid 50,900 IDR for two chicken soto with the whole boiled egg plus two rice and also two fried potato cakes (perkedel) while for the beef soto, i needed to pay more, it was 64,400 IDR for two beef soto and two portions of rice... But the portions of beef soto and rice was quite large. So i thought it was also not expensive, still affordable. Look at the bills below

For chicken soto


For Beef soto


The different price between them was only 13,500 IDR which means it was not even a USD. So i get the conclusion, that both of them were affordable, both were below 5 USD for two persons, so they won't make you broke.

Now the look and food
Chicken soto

Beef soto


While the chicken soto had bright yellow colour, the beef soto looked more appetiting with those darker yellow colour. Doesn't it?

But i will tell you about the taste and flavour, most important aspect!

The chicken soto had sliced chicken, soun (rice noodle), potato chip plus boiled egg. In addition we also ordered the super delicious and tasty perkedel (fried potato cake). It had savory flavour, we added the lime press and also a bit sambal to add the freshness, spicy and sour in it.

Mom when we had the beef soto


While in beef soto, the egg they gave was only 1/4 part of the whole part. Most of the beef slices were soft and a bit were hard. It had light savory flavour. Also we added the lime press and chilli paste to bring sour and spicy flavour. But i also added a bit of salt in it so it would be in perfect savory flavour.

In my opinion, i prefer the chicken soto in taste, cause they had soft chicken and also super tasty perkedel which made my mouth watering ;). So for me this battle won by chicken soto.

But the choice is yours, which one is your favorite soto? Tell me why in the comment below :)

i will be happy to discuss about food. Have a nice day, foodies!

Business Information

Soto Ayam Kampung khas Surabaya - Tanjung Duren Utara, West Jakarta

Soto Madura H. Ngatijo - Biak Street, West Jakarta

Good news is you can order both by online applications :).

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