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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Today i would like to share our friday night dinner experience at home.. But i ordered main dishes and also dessert that we never ordered by online apps before, so let's check it out!

First the dinner, main dishes that ordered came from an Indonesian chinese food restaurant that we never tried before and i got promotion of 35 % off from the original price so it was 56,000 IDR or around 3.83 USD.


Almost at the same time i ordered the dessert that came from a famous brand of indonesian iced dessert, the two portions of it and i got 20k IDR off from another app, look i only paid 20k IDR or around 1.37 USD.


So for Friday dinner plus dessert we only paid 5.77 USD. Really affordable!

But stop about the price ok, what the most important thing was the Food and Taste... So i would like to share about how our dishes and desserts tasted..

The Main Dishes


Left was sapi cah pete kecap (if it is translated, it would be stirred beef in sweet soy sauce with petai) and right was kangkung cah taoco (stirred kale with fermented soy beans).

The Dessert


Left the pink colour was es campur (mixed ices) and right with white green colour was es teler (teler iced).

The Taste


The stirred beef with petai was so awesome. It had a complete flavour of sweet, savory, spicy and also sour from the sliced tomatoes. It was amazing and beyond our expectation, the sliced beef was so soft and tasty. The petai they used were young and soft. We really loved it, never tasted this taste before!!!


The stirred kale tasted delicious too, with spicy, sweet and savory flavour. It was also delicious, but the beef was our favorite.

And now the taste of our dessert


mine was es campur. It had mix of ingredients, black cincau, kolang kaling, tape (fermented cassava), avocado and young coconut. They used the authentic smell of stroop and sweet condensed for this ice. It tasted so sweet and fresh.


While mom she chose her fave teler iced. It had avocado, young coconut plus jackfruit. The different thing with mine, it used the coconut milk plus sweet condensed. It tasted sweet and a bit savory from the coconut milk, and it was also fresh. Cause for both desserts we had they used fresh perfect texture of fruit and ingredients.

So from our Friday dinner experience, we conclude that the price doesn't guarantee the taste we get. Have a nice day and have a nice meal, foodies!

Business Information
A Thien - Ayam penyet dan Seafood
Cideng Barat - Central Jakarta

Es Sinar Garut 27 - Tamansari
Central Jakarta

both could be ordered via online transport apps so you could bring the tasty food home.

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