Trying the Crunchy Choco Cheese Toast



Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share one of our take away, this time a toast which was popular here, so it made me a bit curious to try. We went to the store, after we had had a japanese dinner on Tuesday evening.

Here how the store looked like


They provided the toast and also coffee here, here was their menu


They hanged the menu and also put the small menu near the cashier.
I had ordered the toast, the cashier asked me whether i also wanted to try their coffee but i refused here, i don't drink coffee and it was at night, mom also didn't have coffee in the evening. So i ordered then paid.

I bought a voucher with only 1,000 IDR in a platform which made me got 15,000 IDR cashback. The original price of the toast we ordered was 35,000 IDR. So after cashback plus added the voucher i had bought, it was 21,000 IDR or only 1.5 USD.

They had a quite large and cosy dining area here where you could enjoy coffee or toast or even enjoy them together.


Here they had 4 workers which all were women. One of them processed our toast inside. Here how she made it


After had finished mom took it and we went home.


Here how the crunchy choco cheese toast looked like


No filling inside. They only gave the chocolate, ovomaltine and cheese on the top of the toast. It had sweet but not too sweet and savory from cheese. The toast was soft and large. It should be finished by two. It was quite popular here but i thought the taste was just so so, i prefer the oldies style one with the filling and nothing as its' topping.

So wanna try this popular toast too?
Janji jiwa toast
Jilid 88
#1 floor Harmonie Exchange
Central Jakarta
open daily 11am-9pm

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