02/100 Bewitching Hour

7개월 전


Bewitching Hour

look into the mirror who's inside there, the one with the long hair... Same old me again today

If there is anything I can quickly tie this illustration with, that would be this famous line from a song with the title >>> Unpretty. That is a pretty familiar line that even someone who could barely remember a line from a song like me was able to sing it. Kind of catchy lines and creative use of words. Now how did the moon become my muse? Hmmm I got no perfect reason but I am in the mood for drawing reflections today. Like a setting sun above a nice warm colored ocean. Lately though I was fascinated by the mystery and magic of the night so I went for the moon. See the expression on its face? It does not say good or happy.

What about you my friends? What kind of reflections have you had lately? I am sure you had a few things figured out as we now have plenty of time because of the lockdown. 3 AM thoughts anyone? That Bewitching Hour most people spend thinking about stuff. Whatever it is don't forget to reach out to someone and talk if you need an ear.

That's my drawing for today. Hope you like it.

If you like creating digital art, I encourage to take this 100 days journey and be surprised at the end you beefed up your portfolio with 100 art pieces

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