The Half Has Not Been Told

11개월 전

When I started writing, I wanted all my stories to have happy endings. I might kill someone, make another experience deep hurt, cause another to see nothing but confusion, but at the end, I'll make sure that the ending was as happy as it could be.

So far, in 2020, many of us have seen, heard and experienced the nwiiiiii our parents promised us we would see if we misbehaved.

It has not been a smooth journey.

Some months ago, I saw a movie and told my sister I hated it. It was good story, but I didn't find it interesting.

One thing every good fiction writer will tell you is that there is need for conflict if you wish to have an interesting story. Whether the the conflict is resolved or not is your business, but a good story has to have something that needs to be overcome, discovered, solved or, in some cases, accepted.

2020 has been the beginning an interesting story.

But, the half has not been told.

Sometimes when we write and bring all the wahala on a character in a story, we will have to see how the character gets out of the wahala, especially if we want a happy ending.

As said earlier, the challenges or conflict in the story might be one that needs to be overcome, discovered, solved or simply accepted.

I don't know the peculiar nature of your challenge or conflict, and I don't know what is necessary for your 2020 story to have a happy ending or make one hell of a story, but I just want to remind you that the half has not been told or written

Finish it on a Wow note!


God's grace.

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