We will rise again (Fight to finish)


This just came to me, and I put it down. I hope it encourages someone to keep fighting.


The worse that can happen is death
Yes, death
We may be maimed
We may be burnt
We may be made quiet
But until death do us part
Our eyes will speak

What if we are made blind
Then we will shake the ground on which we bleed
We will not give up
We will not give in
We were born to make a difference
We were made different
Until death do us part
We will make the difference clear

But death won't find it easy
No, even death will remember us
Death will remember how we looked him in face
Even with our empty eye sockets
Death will remember how we fought him
Even as our life's essence seeped into the ground
Death will remember how, though dumb, we screamed

Yes, death will remember how it took all his wrath to keep us still
He will remember that it took his all to win us
He will remember that we didn't embrace him
He will remember that we didn't long for him

He will remember that though he offered rest, we preferred to fight and live
At the end, he will realize that he lost
For even as our life seeped into earth
Earth will not hold us back
We will rise again

The worst that can happen is death, but we will rise again.

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