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Hello guys, I'm an economics student and this is my first post about economy and investment.

With all this increase in the price of cryptocurrencies in recent times, I'm sure many people are now with a very large portion of their total assets allocated to this type of investment.

We know that the volatility of cryptos is very high and that sooner or later we may have another downturn.

Thinking about it, I decided to start withdrawing a part of the profit with crypto and reallocating this value by buying stocks on the USA stock exchange.


I must warn you that this is not an investment recommendation and each one must study and evaluate what he intends to do, being responsible for his actions.

Even so, it is still an attractive option, and it is what I am starting to do myself.

For me, this is an interesting idea, since by diversifying part of its capital by being a partner in solid companies, I believe it is obtaining more security.

Security is important to me, even if my short-term profit is not that great.

The first step then is to know which companies to invest in. My goal is to do Buy and Hold. This means being a partner in these companies, in the long run, no Trades.


Trades can make a good profit in the short and medium-term, but I wouldn't have time to keep up with the market and price fluctuations so closely, because of my college studies.

So I started looking at some companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. A simple preliminary study, to later choose which ones to invest in.

It is these studies that I intend to share here with you in my next publications and that we can exchange ideas so that maybe I can learn a little more.

Thanks for reading.

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