VISIT PORTUGAL_ Agudela Beach (Matosinhos)

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The Agudela beach in Matosinhos is considered by many to be the best beach in the municipality.

The beach has good access, but a huge deficit in public transport is as serious as a beach with little people, but it ends up quickly in the summer.
The beach has 3 bars in a space of about 100 meters and a parking lot that should fit around 100 cars.
Experience a clear view and in clear weather and you can see a refinery (petrogal) and in the north of Póvoa de Varzim in the middle of the sea, Remembering that we are about 20 kilometers from the place.

It is located in a rocky area and very typical of the north of Portugal.
I found a mirror lost, that I have been experimenting with it and then put it properly in the trash so that nobody gets hurt

The sand consists of large grains.
Surrounded by dunes, crossed by wooden walkways, Praia da Agudela is a beautiful beach, much sought after by the people of the Porto region. With many rocks, which are discovered at low tide, this beach has good support infrastructure and has excellent conditions to spend a full day by the sea.
it is still composed of 2 large rocks and a kind of natural pool that prevents the sea from getting rough in that area.
In the vicinity there are good fish restaurants and at this moment there was a well inhabited area, with the construction of several buildings and closed condominiums.

Looks like a city outside the city arrives, making it one of the most expensive areas in the village of Lavra.
I ended up escaping the routine a little and taking a walk here very close to home.
I still had about 2 hours walking around here although everything is closed due to covid19.
the State has said that we needed to use a mask for our outings so everything is wearing a mask on the street.
Here in Portugal things are already opening up to the Few.
Soon I hope everything will return to normal to bring you even better content
See you soon drew0





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