Just bought my first ever Apple product

2년 전

Recently my wife and I have been going through a selection of tablets to purchase for my son. As a long time Android user plus my personal, admittedly biased, feelings about the company and their products, the Ipad never crossed my mind.

Nonetheless, I remembered my nephew's 7-year old Ipad is still running well and just as smooth as new as opposed to my Samsung tablet which was lagging like heck by the 5th year - iOS is undisputedly superior to Android in many ways. They don't nickname it lagdroid for no reason.

Considering that we plan to use it for a few years anyway, I bit the bullet and ordered the normal Ipad 128GB from the Apple website. 3 days later, this arrived at my doorstep.


The gold color wasn't really my first choice, my son picked it out. We forwent the free engraving option as it adds a week to the delivery time.

Good news is, it looks almost the same as the previous generations of iPads. Bad news is, it looks almost the same as the previous generations of iPads. Of course, the first app I installed was Netflix.

Before you go "Another poor kid to be raised by gadgets.", I assure you we are acutely aware of the pitfalls of these child-raising "aids", but we reasoned that he is old enough to start learning how to operate touchscreen interfaces and familiarize himself with these hand held devices.

Because whether we like it or not, inevitably he will need to rely on these technologies for school, and we'll need to move him along with the times lest he be left behind.

Nonetheless we made a point to restrict his usage for school work and educational apps only. We still want him to play with toys, not computer games.

Back to the Ipad - Am I happy with my purchase? Meh. Like I said, I was never a fan of Apple products and so far this one hasn't impress me. But time will tell to see if I can be converted as I spend more time using it.

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