My typical MCO grocery shopping list

2년 전

Everytime I go grocery shopping it can be a stressful endeavor. Not because I am worried about getting infected, but because I am always handed a long shopping list that I need to fulfil by myself, because only one person per household is allowed to go at any one time.

This is the list for the last trip

Even though the "green veggies" and "fruits" are only listed as 1 item each, I have to get different types of vegetables and fruits so they are usually 8-10 bags of items by the time I'm done, on top of the other items on the list. In a typical outing I would spend around RM150 - RM200 on groceries.

During normal times the list won't be much trouble because I'd be shopping with my wife and we'd split the list. It becomes a considerable effort when I have to do it by myself, hunting down each item in a sprawling hypermarket, pay for them, carry them to my car and then carry them into the house when I reach home.

You can probably surmise that all the weight of these items add up considerably and I live in a high rise residence, that means I have to carry them for a distance from the car to the house.

My missus is understanding, she told me it is not necessary to get all of them in one go but I figured if I don't get them now I'll need to get them later, and I don't want to make more trips outside than necessary. This is also the primary reason why the list is so long - it should be enough to last us for 2 weeks.


Yesterday, the government announced that up to two individual from the same household is allowed to travel together for groceries, which did nothing for me because one of us still has to stay home so my son is not left home alone.

It might sound like I'm complaining but I'm not. This is just the reality of how life has changed for some of us. To the parents out there who are used to doing all these by themselves while taking care of the kids, I tip my hat to you.

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