Love is Fragile [Sketchbook]

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After the last bits and pieces done to my third attempt to come back into the art of drawing, today I felt its time to share the results with you. Although I'm a perfectionist and very rarely satisfied with the results of whatever task I execute, I'm quite ok with the result. Maybe also since the subject is one of my most favourite pieces of art of the famous - anonymous - Banksy!

As part of my Quarantine Time challenge, I decided to pickup drawing again, after not touching pencil and paper for a few decades. I do hope I'll improve considerably over the next so many attempts and months. Am even thinking to take some classes when the whole lockdown situation is behind us. I think I need to :)

Originally - and officially - this piece of art is called: "There is Always Hope", but many will know this under the name: "Girl with Balloon". I like the original title, since this is much closer to what I feel when looking at it. Depending on my mood, my feelings about the girl and the balloon can go the other way as well: "Love is Fragile and can simply Disappear by something - more or less - out of our Control".

What do You Feel viewing this Work?

I really dislike the fact I dripped water on the paper and subsequently try to wipe it dry; I definitely damaged the paper :( I was almost finished when this happened. For some time I thought: "Lets draw again", but somehow it sounded also quite silly to do so.

I carry the original - well a photograph of the original - around with me all the time; Its the lock screen background image of one of my phones. I may try to replace with my own version, but need to think about that still. Somehow I don't want to answer when getting questions about this. I feel I'm not ready yet for the people around me to see my work. Some of them are real professional artists! And I'm just someone who drew when I was a child; Never learned about the art of drawing; Never learned about techniques. I feel I need to further improve before I expose my work to my friends.

What do You Think?

I'll give you a little bonus; An indirect selfie!
I hardly make selfies, but I thought this time: "Why Not?" :)

From a photographic point of view, we can see some quite interesting! All photos where shot at the exact same location with the exact same light. You note the large variations in the background colours of all three photos? I didn't use flash, as I didn't post process any of the photos and didn't use any specific settings other than the automatic mode. I was quite surprised the last photograph had an almost complete white background.

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an original
all drawings and photographs by edje

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