PIFFLE or NOT: You Decide!

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Learned a new word today: Piffle. Earlier this week I shared an album with @themagus (a long time Steemian) asking his view on the material. His response included the word: "Piffle" and he used it to give his unqualified opinion - as he wrote himself - about the album.

"Wiffle Piffle" published by Michael Sporn (source)

"WOW!", I thought: "How different opinions can be!"

Not that this album is gonna be near my favourite ones, but I for sure think it is interesting enough to listen again.

But, one opinion is just one opinion, therefore I thought: "Why not ask the STEEM community? We have quite a few professional musicians here, and many more music fans! Would love to get more feedback!"

My Request to You: What you think of the Album?

I would not easily discover this producer and album myself. It was Spotify - based on whatever auto select rules it uses to figure out the next track - to push Clark and his Iradelphic through my speakers. In fact, it was track number 6; Maybe the most accessible track of the entire album. Based on that one, I started at track #1. A few tracks down, I though: "Need to Skip the Rest!", but I opened my mind a bit further and forced myself to continue listening the remaining part.

It's always interesting to try and take in something that we generally would not listen to: @luciannagy recently wrote an interesting post about opening our minds (post).

The reason I wanted to skip listening to the remainder of the album, was the incoherency of the entire album (at least what I already heard) and all the chaos I was hearing in a few of the tracks. Though I do like none-standard music a lot; Love many of the electronic experimental stuff out there; This one needed some extra effort to consume. That said: At the end of it all, I think within all the chaos, there is something that pleases the ears. Well, my ears at least :)

What you Think?

published by ODISIE at Flickr (source)

I was totally surprised Spotify brought my to an album of Aphex Twin straight after this one! "Really?" Aphex Twin is one of these artists I appreciate very much and a lot of his work I really like! Then I found this article at Pitchfork and everything fell in place. Clark is linked to WARP. Those who know a bit more about electronic music, they will know WARP is Aphex Twin and Aphex Twin is WARP.

Embrase the Open Mind

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Hell, where the hell are the other opinions? I wanted to be vindicated {wicked grin}


Hahaha, at Steem almost nothing goes anymore! hahaha


Sad... has been almost a second home for me for more than 3 years


I know, but I suppose change can also be good. Lets see how all this will play out.

Thanks @edje for mentioning my name your blog.

Cool point of view.

Regards and hope you'll enjoy from time2time my music.