Baskets and Eggs!!!

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The human mind is limitless in nature but man has found a way to limit his mind and pushes his ability way down the level where he should be and forgets the principles of the Baskets and Eggs.


I believe it is always a good thing if we learn to set our sights on lots of baskets because, we are used to underestimating the number of eggs we may have per time.


The Point.
The Baskets.- Life is your playground and the usefulness of what you should be doing is found in little baskets scattered around us both visible and invincible.

The baskets are your tools, the incubation and testing zones that will allow you win or loose.

If you are smart enough to understand the principles of using the basket for your gains, you will never dismiss the possibilities of using it to fetch water.

The Eggs.- See the basket as your egg nest that needs you to trust them to hold your eggs safely to full circle.

The baskets holds the eggs until you utilize them or till they get spoilt.
Utilizing them equals a win. They get spoilt equals a loss.

The eggs are the various limitless grains of opportunities that abound and they drop like trickles of rain and are endless and waiting to be placed in a basket.

Because you will have eggs, you should know to utilize the baskets in their dozens no matter how plenty they may appear.

What to do?
We should be less careful how we worry about what happens in life and with what we do. It is okay to identify dozens of baskets and wait to see how it goes because, we are the sum of our fears and courage.

Be mindful of you strength and never stop believing that you have with you the opportunities and tools to achieve you full potential.

Identify the basket(s) you will b needing because I am very sure there will be countless number of eggs that you will hold in your lifetime.

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