The last lullaby. My art


The last lullaby

As a gift to my dear friends!

The story of my friends - I highly recommend reading:

Neomorph ... The android's eyes widened. The memory flashed brightly in his processor, reproducing this terrible death. A sticky feeling of despair and fear for his creation enveloped the mind of the man. It was here that this beautiful creature died a painful and terrible death. For the first time, a synthetic was able to establish contact. I tried to communicate with him and he answered! But the cruel Oram fired. Limited people. David remembered how furious he was at this man's act. He was ready to break the man's neck, this very minute! But he stopped in time, realizing that since he took the life of his creation, it means that he will give this life to another. Such an exchange suited him. Life for life. And yet, what a pity that the neomorph died so quickly and in vain, barely living in this world. Finding his gaze the numb corpse of the pale creature, the synth approached him. The remains of the neomorph found their comfort here. Its translucent skin was covered with dark green cadaveric spots and was already decaying, although it looked much better than the human body lying next to it. The ground around the body was saturated with bright green, almost glowing, blood. Even a month later, it did not curl up or darken. This interested synthetics.

The man had to leave his creation for a short while in order to go to his chambers for a flute and a blanket, which he himself sewed from pieces of animal skins. Returning, the android sat down next to the neomorph, crossing its legs and carefully wrapping the ice body in a blanket. Bringing the flute to his lips, he exhaled air into the hole, covering the slots in the instrument with his fingers. A pleasant melody filled the room. She was filled with sadness and triumph at the same time. David saw off his creation on the last journey, paying tribute to his albeit short, but eventful life. It was hard for the man to look at his gnarled corpse. A wave of painful, oppressive sorrow spread in his chest. A lone tear rolled down my cheek as the funeral warble continued.

Today Neomorph will not be alone.

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