Why are People Dumping UNI FOR HEX? HEX Hits $1.5B Marketcap!!!

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Honestly speaking, if you have no #HEX crypto, you have no business being in this crypto/blockchain space because, in my humble opinion, you have no clear understanding of how this concept should work.

For months now, this project has been running as it's meant to, paying trustless interest to stakers, rewarding even more those that stake bigger for longer.

I think I have exhaustively covered all there is to this project either in my vlogs or blogs, plenty of material for anyone who's looking for more info.

Other that, I am super stocked to see the #FOMO kick in the nearer we get to #HEXBIGPAYDAY, which is once in a lifetime opportunity in this project - LITERALLY. If you are still living under a rock, Hex Big Pay Day (BPD) is the day all stakers get a huge share in the inflation of this token from all the emergency ended stakes in the 1 year launch phase, which currently stands at a little over 180B!!! Personally looking forward to my 8 digit big pay day payout, this is how I know I am potentially financially free probably in the next 5 years.


Good News Is; There's Still Time

Time to buy some #Hex and Stake them out across 15 years. Those that are smart enough understand how this could potentially be a source of passive income. Imagine getting a crypto cheque every year, maybe even severally. It's really all up to you how you stake, all I can advice, Stake before Nov 19/2020 and Beyond the 19th so you can stand the chance to double your HEX amount on Big Pay Day.


I would hate to miss out on this opportunity.

Granted, I missed out on my UNI Airdrop because I never really brought myself to use it. I was too busy talking about transforming HEX in Hex AA Lobby that it never occurred to me to try out other resources at my disposal, but that's a small drop in the sea given what I stand to gain being part of #HEX.

If you have been paying attention, then you know #HEX community is what gave life to Uniswap and made it so popular. With all the gate-keeping this project has faced since inception, the community had to look for a decentralized medium of exchange and that's how Uniswap came to popularity, through HEX.

Obviously, most of the UNI tokens was distributed to the HEX community because of this. I've seen people making tens of thousands of dollars from this UNI Airdrop and true to their nature, majority swapped it for HEX Asap because they understand the true power of decentralization, trustless interest and shares.

Though HEX continues to offer zero promises, it's clear to see how much the community believes in it, and how the rest of CT is starting to warm up to it. You only need to look at the current marketcap($1.5B) to realize what's awaiting on the other side. A complete project, less than an year old, yet is moving so much volume.


    1. You are tired of losing money via trading
  • 2 . Would like to have a passive crypto income

  • 3.Would like to be part of a complete project that is 3X audited, offers zero promises (unlike all this other promise coins) yet has one of the most active vibrant communities in the entire blockchain space (we've actually been called bots, that's how active it is lol)

  • 4.Want to earn daily trustless interest, be your own bank (There's no middlemen in HEX, Just you, and your Keys, no exchanges)

Then this is highly recommended project.

As of today, Hex Stands at # 21 crypto, $ 1.5B market cap, $ 233.8M 🔒 for 4.81 year. What you do with this info is really up to you. But in any case, see you at the top, ie. If you make it to the top :D
HEX/ETH TIPS ACCEPTED 0x194D4A1127848769F435eaA8286F55e63C278E94

Stay Safe. CHEERS!





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