DIY - How To Use Every Piece Of A Pair Of Jeans

10개월 전

Denim is a wonderful fabric, not only resistant but also interesting to work with. While watching tutorial videos I've seen some are using every bit of the jeans, while others are cutting out the piece they are interested in and the carelessness they are working with let me believe they don't care about the rest.


My purpose is to use as much as I can and to find the perfect design for each piece.


The abrasion of certain jeans are great and that's exactly what makes it interesting. I've been saving these pieces hoping to have enough one day for a bag and that day has come.




There's a plan for these good looking metal buttons, so I cut those off and kept the rest for this bag.


Matching the colors is never easy, you need to see the big picture, the bag itself even if it's nowhere near ready.


One mistake can ruin the whole design. Trust me, I had to redo the back part as it wasn't something I liked.


Keeping this label looked like a good idea, so I placed it in the middle.


This is the back part with a little cheating at the bottom, I needed to piece together the last one as there was no suitable one.


This is the front after the carry straps were done.


And the back.


This baby blue striped Esprit shirt looked like the perfect choice for the lining.


The fabric was of excellent quality.


Unfortunately it wasn't large enough for my needs, so I had to add another piece and that's why some of the stripes go different ways.

The pockets are the usual, maybe I'm going to need to do a different design from time to time but I'm not sure yet. I need some feedback but can't get any until the lockdown ends.


So here it is, a bag made of jeans belt parts pieced together. The stripes are from another part of some jeans though.


I don't know about you but I love this combination and see no reason why I should throw away even one bit of these fabrics. All can be used, you just have to find the right design for everything.




This is my contribution to #needleworkmonday.

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Wow. So nice! I always pondering on the idea but never bring myself to sew it. As I really need the space and time to do this without being disturbed by the boys. Amazing work! =) super like how you arrange the tones of colours.


Thank you Madeline. You're right, you need time, space and quiet for this kind of work. I'm struggling with these myself would like to have more time and space. I'm glad you like it 😊

Hello @erikah, creative work has a lot of value, and this goes beyond monetary value, it is an investment of time and dedication, luck for your good initiative


Thank you very much, in it an investment on many levels for sure. Stay tuned as there's more to come :)

@erikah muy lindo el bolso te quedó hermoso.


Many thanks, I'm glad you like it :)