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2 days ago i read here on hive a review of the exact same film from @
jcrodriguez (check his review) and because i really really like Korean Cinema so i bookmarked it to watch it! The time came a couple of hours ago so fresh out of my brain here is my review!


In the near future there has been a financial crisis in Korean so many people had lost their jobs, the poverty and criminality rates keep arising and Korean money don't worth at all. Imagine that even paying for a beer is happening with US dollars!

As the film starts we got introduced to 2 friends that are in their 20s i think, Jang Ho and Ki Hoon who are going to jail to meet their friend Jun Seok that served 3 years in prison!

So 3 years ago the 3 of them tried to rob a jewelry store and failed. Jun Seok tried to buy them time in order to save them so he was the only one to get caught. After they talk he tells them about a guy he met inside and amazing offer he has.

The offer is to give to the guy a certain amount of money and in return they will get a house and a steady business in Taiwan. They don't have any money though so they plan a robbery in an underground gambling den where one of their friends work. After they plan everything they meet an arms dealer that Jun Seok also knows from prison in order to get some ammo!

The robbery at first seemed successful but because they took the

surveillance tapes (for their own protection ofc) a whole new "war" erupts. You see these tapes had VIP deals and names so the mafia behind the den sends a badass assassin named Han to find them!

The assassin finds them quickly but for some reason,maybe he wanna play? who knows... he let them run and then he goes for a hunting. Some events take place and only Jun Seok surviving and starts a new life in Taiwan. Han is still alive though and at the end of the film he packs everything along with guns and goes back to find Han i suppose...

Good & Bad

I really liked their acting as in every Korean film and series. Each actor knows how to play and be in character. Han is quite badass as well and come in great contrast with the "kids" that are afraid to use the guns while he on the other hand kills without a blink. There also were some mini plot twists which i avoided to say so i don't spoil.

Now given how many movies i have seen, the plot isn't something great for me at least. I wasn't that amazed about the whole turn of events and i was really expecting the majority of these to happen. At the start it was also a little bit of slow till they started the whole operation.

My Rating 6/10

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