A Dik-Dik ( Ink Drawing And Description)

2개월 전

Hello Everyone.
Today I got to know of a new animal called the Dik-dik. They are a specie of small antelopes found in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. They're herbivores and feed mostly on leafs, fruits, berries and hay.
What is distinct with this animal is that they are monogamous in nature and the male take part fully in the grooming of their young ones.
This is a drawing of a male Dik-dik I made today to practice drawing of furs.
I used a black ball-point pen and a pelican paper for the drawing
Here are the steps.
I started by drawing the outline of the antelope and added its facial features.

Next,I began shading and adding fur details to it's face.
I kept building and adding furs to its skin until I got an appealing result.
Thanks for reading and viewing my drawing. Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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