3 life (and economy) lessons from the cloud!

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Its been a tough few months or weeks for almost everyone alive today. In one small or big way, we all have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging towns and cities. Thousands of people are losing their jobs and many are finding it challenging to feed. The global economy is down and we really wonder for how long we are will still put up with this situation. I am rest-assured that before too long, the pressures will start to reduce.

In times like this, the inspiration to cope can come from anywhere - for example from the clouds above.

I checked a friend's Whatsapp status this evening and saw these cloud images she took not too long ago. They look so nice. With her permission, I decided to make this post about life - and maybe economy - lessons we can learn from the clouds. There could be several, but I thought about these 3 below. Check them out:

1. They look gloomy and impenetrable, but light eventually passes through: This is so true of clouds, especially before it rains. There are times when you come out and watch the clouds. They appear so thick, and dark. I heard that such clouds even cause bumps to airplanes passing through them. There have been some plane crashes caused by flying into the clouds. So you see this cloud looking so thick and dark and you start to think it can stop a stone. But then, over time, a ray of light will appear and pass right through the thick cloud. Eventually, other rays piece it and then a large beam of light becomes visible. The cloud which appeared so thick and impenetrateable, finally allows light to penetrate it.


The lesson? Life can be like a thick cloud sometimes. Just think of what you are going through right now. Whole families, businesses and lives have been shattered by the events of our time. It appears so gloomy like a thick cloud. When you listen to predictions, there seems to be no way out of this. But then, like that ray of light that pieces the thick gloomy cloud, we will eventually have a breakthrough if we do not give up. Are you out of your job, infected, running out of cash, etc? There is hope. You do not have to despair. Even if you struggle to see beyond your current challenges, always believe that you can break through the gloomy cloud of economic crisis you are facing right now. A ray of light will bring you hope soonest.

2. Clouds are like art, each is unique: Each cloud formation is unique. I looked at the first and second picture in this post, they were shot few minute apart. But guess what, there are obvious difference in shape and form. Just a little time lapse. Its really difficult to see the same cloud formation having exactly the same movement, shape and other properties. Uniqueness is a thing common with clouds. How about us?


The lesson? Today, society wants to put us all into its mold. Everyone wants to be like everyone else. It's crazy how people are willing to go through extensive and expensive surgery just to be like someone - maybe a model. Beauty is now defined by having or not having some physical features. Happiness is measured by the amount of luxurious items acquired. Body shaming is now a skill natural to some. Everything and everyone must appear in a particular way to be accepted. Friends, we can break free from that mold. You can be you and still feel fine. Like the clouds, you can be unique. Isn't variety the spice of life anymore? Why must we appear in a certain way to be considered happy or successful? Well, the next time you are consciously or subconsciously pressured to change you style or forced into something foreign, remember the uniqueness of clouds.

3. Clouds are dynamic: A cloud is rarely static. It keeps moving and changing. Its true that you may observe a certain formation or shape over a short period of time, but clouds are always in motion, altering their shapes and direction of movement. So what is the point?


The lesson: We should be dynamic in our entire life. Let's talk briefly about economic dynamism. This COVID-19 should have taught us that it is risky to depend on your day job or on a single source of income. Those that did found out the hard way. So you should think about establishing alternative income sources. So that if something drastic happens to one, you can fall back on the others. Being dynamic also involves moving ahead without living in the past. If you made a terrible mistake in the past or have regrets, learn from them and move on. That is being dynamic. Do not allow yourself to be drawn back because time waits for no one. If there are things you are have not done well, such as not saving enough or careless spending, dynamism calls for making quick changes to these and moving forward. Just like the cloud, if you think and act in a dynamic way, you won't get stuck. Additionally, progress will always be attainable if you keep moving.


There we go. So those are the 3 life and economy lessons we learn from the clouds. I still thank my friend (LadyRoyal) for taking the pictures that motivated this writeup. Feel free to share other lessons we can lesson from the cloud. Thanks for sticking around. Thanks

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