Everything is wrong with our world - just look at these 3!




Sometimes, I just wish I can change everything. But unfortunately, I cant. The world is obviously ill and needs proper treatment. Wherever you look, you see awful things that need to change. From government, to helath and lifestyles, there are too many things begging for a new leaf. Sometimes I wonder if the good old days were actually better - I just wonder. I want to quickly draw your attention to these society ills that us making us crazy. Check them out:

1. Everyone wants to be heard or seen on social media: Just check the picture above. That is an artists rendering of what the titatic would have looked like if it happened today. Obviously, some people would have cared a lot about recording the event and posting it on their social media timeline than saving their lives. Everyone wants their voice to heard, to become the center of attraction. SO you see or hear people commit terrible crimes and record same to publish it online just to gain attention. You see people broadcasting little help they rendered to the poor on social media. You see someone drowning and shouting for help, online for onlookers to record it on their devices and do nothing to help the sufferer. Isn't it time we do nice things and allow it to go unnoticed. Is it not time to make time for our family and friends than literally sleeping on social media platforms? Must our voice be heard? Am just thinking aloud.


2. Trust is alien: I would have loved a world where people can completely trust each other. I would have loved a world where your valuables or privacy is safe with your friend. How about a world where you closest friend, your wife or husband, or any other people can completely be relied on. Sorry, that kind of trust left this world a long time ago. People are betrayed everyday by their most trusted partner. When you confide in someone you look up to, the next day, your story is trending on Twitter. Society has deep trust issues and the gap is getting wider. If only we can import trust from anywhere, life would have been a lot easier.


3. Complicated luxurious lifestyles: Must we have the latest iphone to be happy? Must you have the latest model of cars and electronics to be happy? Must you do surgery to look in a particular way as promoted by the society? Is having little a crime? The world says you must own everything to be happy and successful. Is that true. Why should we clutter our lives with lots of unnecessary things that turn to hurdles for us? Well, true happiness does not result from material possessions. Some have even discovered that people who own less are happier. Maybe that is true. Maybe we need to de-clutter our lives. Its killing us.


Societal ills are many and varied. We need to start being the change we want. We have to start doing the right things for our unborn generations. We need to re-discover what modern life should and should not be. We have to learn a lot from the good old days. Our lives would be a lot meaningful if we do so.

All images in this post are from: https://brightside.me/creativity-art/12-poignant-illustrations-that-show-our-world-has-gone-a-little-bit-too-far-719960/

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