My Pencil Sketch of Twisted Jester. Splinterlands Monster Artwork.

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I'm back again with my another pencil sketch of a @splinterlands monster. And today I'm sharing the sketch of Twisted Jester. I'm sharing this post to join the weekly curation contest of share your posts in any social media. Arranges by @SPLINTERLANDS management team.

My Artwork



The Twisted Jester is a Rare Death Monster with the Range Attack Ability. This is my most favourite range attack monster in splinterlands. There is only few cards like it, which costs this less mana but has a damage ability of 3. I also like this card for it's Snipe Ability. I'm using this card from the beginning of playing splinterlands. I'll back soon with another sketch of my another favourite card.

Real Image:

Twisted Jester (2).png

My Work:

At first I used 2B pencil to make the structure. Then I drew the full image part by part. Trying to complete the whole thing at once might have messed the sketch. But, completing one part after another makes the work easier and also helps to do the work perfectly. To complete the whole Image I used 2B, 4B & 6B pencil.

My steps:

Step One:


Step Two:


Step Three:


Step Four:


Step Five:


Step Six:


Step Seven: The Final Step.


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Hope that you enjoyed my work. See you again in my next post.

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