Please send vibrators so the house-arrest can stop!


While we are all frustrated with the state of things in our country, it is not the right time to lose it. Slowly but surely I am losing my mind here, and I just hope things can get back to normal soon.  Some things in life are better left unsaid because if I do, I might just land in jail. 

These last few days I have been very negative towards everything going on around me. I don't even switch on the television anymore because it is just Covid-19 everywhere, but I have never wished to be in a different country as much as I wish now.  

These stupid rules are just pointless!  

I have come to THIS conclusion when I spoke to my sister in law yesterday. I waited three days to phone her because we are so much alike, and I knew exactly what she was going to say!  

Boy was I right, but she is even angrier than I am. 

There are strict lockdown rules to follow, but not everyone listens.  Some just plain ignore all the rules. While people sit at home and starve of hunger because they are not allowed to work, some people just continue with their lives as if nothing is going on around them.  

Who would've thought that we could be held captive by our own government? People who don't even know the difference between a vibrator and a ventilator! 

I no longer call it lockdown!  I simply call it house-arrest. I do think that a lot of other people feel exactly the same way I do.  We as a nation have become beggars because the government now decides what we can and can't buy.  People are going to the ends of the earth to try their own concoctions of alcoholic recipes and some are smoking tea and herbs just to stay afloat.  

I kid you not! 

The black market is still roaring! I myself have been part of a few criminal activities in the last few days to buy cigarettes for my husband, and I've sent a bottle of whiskey to my friend in Durban.  Courier and all!

I am going against what I believe in and that is the most frustrating thing of all.  We are suckers and we believe everything that is fed to us via social media.  I have never seen so much fake news and instigation in circulation and I am ashamed of our government!

On a more positive note: What is inside, must come out. Now I feel better.



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