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Today is the 25th day of May 2020 and I want to join the rest of my African brethren to celebrate us.
Have I ever told you that I am proud to be an African and a Nigerian at that? Oh no I think I haven't, well I think you are privileged to hear that now😀😀😜.
Our wonderful delicacies, dressing, way of life, trainings etc makes me love this great continent so much.
Have you ever seen an African woman or man before, we are so hardworking, never leaving the stone on turn.
We do not joke with our farm work.
We are devoted to our homes, children, husbands, wives, and the family at large.
If you haven't visited any of the African country please do, you will definitely be given a warm welcome.

The celebration would have been wow but due to the pandemic, it is being celebrated online.
The theme for this years Africa day celebration is:-

Silencing The Guns:- Creating Conducive Conditions for Africa'sDevelopment and Intensifying the Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.



I am not here to write much things but just to say Happy Africa Day.
Today I celebrate me;
I celebrate you my fellow African brothers and sisters;
I celebrate Africa
And I celebrate the world at large.

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Long live @glotokens
Long live Akwaibom
Long live Nigeria
Long live Africa
Long live the world.

I am a proud African Woman and I remain


Thanks for stopping on my blog.
I love you all💞💞💟💟

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