You Can Make Objects From Clay



The dictionary defines clay as an earth material with ductile qualities.
I see it also as one of the type of soil.
Some qualities of Clay soil are;
1. Low permeability;
2. Plastic behavior when wet;
3. Coherent when dry etc.

Having known a little about Clay I want to show you few steps in creating or moulding something out of Clay.
Actually my little cousin was given a take home assignment at school during the little Christmas break they had due to covid-19, and so they were asked to mould objects, anything at all from clay and so we moulded this for her🤗🤗🤗.

Materials:- Clay, water, mortar and pestle.

Step 1:- Dig up Clay from it source;
Step 2:- Pound it or make sure you break it to tiny pieces which you can hold in hand;
Step 3:- Having broken it into smaller pieces, you put or pour it into a container, and add water to it.
Step 4:- After adding water you mix it thoroughly till it becomes smooth;
Step 5:- After mixing you mould it into the shape or object you want. It could be Star shape, Bathing Soap, mortar or pestle etc. Whatever you feel like moulding out if it.


Dry clay🖕



Clay when mixed with water🖕



Objects gotten out of Clay, which are pestle, mortar, bathing Soap, and the cross sign🖕🖕

I remain


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