My Healthy Food #2

4개월 전


Hello dear friends
I hope you are well and now that you see my post, neither you nor any of your friends and family members have been infected with the corona-virus, and all is well.🌹


Today, I want to talk about #healthy, nutritious #foods that have benefits for the body and what effects they have on the #immune system.


My good friends, we must first of all know how to eat healthy and fresh food every day as much as possible.
And in our daily diet, be sure to include fresh and organic #fruits and #vegetables.

As you all know, yellow and orange vegetables are high in #vitamin C, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, and more.

And vegetables that are green have a lot of iron, and we need enough iron in the body for the immune system, as well as for proper growth and vitality.

I would like to ask you to use less food that contains preservatives in order to have a good time and not get sick. I also ask you to remove or reduce the oil from your diet as much as possible.


And eat raw vegetables to get more vitamins so you can stay healthy and fresh forever.


I hope we can go through this process well by following these tips
Take care
I love you

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Hi! Wow, your choice of food is amazing :) Would love to see you on where you could set up your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day :) (and be spared from the bad guys leaving nasty comments)


Cool, as least there are no bots posting everywhere whatever they like!