Oraman mountain

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is the name of a mountainous region in western Iran and eastern Iraq whose inhabitants speak the #Horami dialect and have very beautiful and pristine landscapes.


This area is mostly mountainous and has deep and winding valleys and countless rivers.
From the total water of these springs and rivers, two rivers, #Sirvan and #Lileh, are formed, which join at a point called #Darula near the border between Iran and Iraq.

Among these #springs, Bell Spring is the most water-rich with 3,000 to 4,000 liters per second, flowing into Sirvan, and is the shortest river in the world.


A typical village in #Oraman with stepped architecture.
However, most of the Oraman region is made up of high and snowy mountains. But at lower altitudes and on the slopes of these mountains there are vast dense forests.

The #forest cover of this area, like the general cover of the #Zagros mountain range, is more than oak trees.
Other trees such as pears, wildflowers and hawthorn are also found in significant numbers. These forests have long supplied winter fuel to the locals.

A large part of Oraman is located in #Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces and a smaller part is located in #Halabja on Iraqi soil. Important urban areas include #Paveh, #Nosud, #Nodsheh, #Biareh and Halabja, which, of course, have settled in cities such as #Marivan, #Kamyaran, #Sanandaj, #Kermanshah, #Javanroud and #Tehran through the migration of #Horami-speaking people.

It is divided into several sections, which include Horaman Lohon, Horaman Takht, and Zharovo.

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