Summer fruits

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Summer fruits

Hello dear friends
How are you ?

Today I came to show you a delicious and beautiful #summer fruit.

Now that we have entered the beautiful, hot and attractive summer season, it is better to enjoy the delicious fruits of this season, which are rich in vitamins and iron, instead of trying to whine about how hot the weather is.
It needs these natural ingredients.

As you know, summer fruits have a lot of variety, and each region grows fruits according to the weather conditions, which may not exist in the area where we live.

I want to post summer fruits from different regions for you, and if it was a fruit that I haven't eaten before and haven't seen before, I will research a little about it and share it with you.
As always, take care of yourself.




It tastes sour and sweet and tastes very similar to #raspberries.
Blackberries are a small, tasty fruit rich in nutrients that help you lose weight and improve liver function, and are great for lowering blood sugar and high blood cholesterol.




Cherries have a sour taste and are so delicious that when you say their name, water collects in their mouths :-)
Cherries contain vitamins A, B and C. The ingredients of cherries are iron, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt.

Cherries have another property that if I want to say, I have to dedicate a full post to the properties of cherries.

I will introduce more fruits in the next posts.

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