20Km Biking, Twice A Week

8개월 전

Image source: Pixabay
I woke up at 8. When I had my breakfast and woke up properly, it was already 8:20. My German language lesson stars at 9, in a city 10Km away from where I live. Public transport, because of covid-19 has become very slow and very annoying. So I decided to go by bike.

After 100m

When I saw the wind's direction, which was opposite to mine, I knew I have made a bad decision. After 2Km, when I left my city and got a taste of the real wind power, with no buildings to save me from it, I knew I have made a terrible decision.

Then came the hill

After 4Km, I had to climb a hill with my bike and endure the winds attempts to make me change my mind and go back home. I had to reduce the gears to get my legs to move.

After that hill

It turned out the hill was stopping a big portion of the wind. So biking down from that hill was the last easy part of the road. Then I had to reduce the gears, even more, to keep moving against the insane wind. When I had to go through another round that goes upwards, I had to reduce the gear again. I put the one before the last gear. I always want to keep the last gear unused. It makes me feel better to know that there is still one move I can do to ease things. I only used that last gear in two places in my life, and if you see those two places, you'd understand!

Then the wind reduced and I got to move a little faster. Fatigue played its role. The sun played its own. The wind as well... The result was that I forgot about making it in time for the German class and start trying to make it to the nearby city just to prove to myself that I can.

After 10Km

When I finally made it, I checked the time and it said 10:00. Meaning I biked 10Km in 40min (I used to do it in about 22min when the conditions are better). I had to bike seven more minutes to get to the center.

Not too late, only seven minutes late, I put some deodorant and went in. My butt wasn't happy about sitting on a chair for two hours after that long ride but it had no choice.

On my way back

Do you think the wind was in my favor? No, it has changed direction and it was against me again when I first started!

I was like "Are you kidding me?!"

But then it kept changing direction to have an insignificant effect on me overall.

Climbing the hill, I had to put the gear before the last again. It turned out the wind wasn't the only factor to blame, my physical condition helped humiliate me too. One more reason to make this a routine. That's when I decided to keep going by bike to the language courses and that's twice a week. Maybe I'll also do some rope skipping too whenever I feel like I ate too much and I have to make up for it.

I checked my timing when I got home and it says I did it in 29 min. But that was more than 10Km (cause I started from the language center deep inside the nearby city)

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